Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Attack

Well, it only took me one year to post about getting hitched, so I'm feeling realllly great and timely about posting about my Christmas a mere one week after Christmas.

(And thanks ^1million for all who commented on the non-proposal post for being so cool and supportive of our choice, you made me feel like a much more acceptable participant in society!)

We both thank you

For letting us be us

Christmas week was pretty high mileage, which makes sense given I only worked 2.5 days (26th-28th) and I gift myself the pleasure of a run on Christmas morning almost every year.  It works out easily enough since our family obligations tend to begin around 10:00 a.m., which gives me plenty of time to go on one of the loneliest runs of the year.

Lonely? Yes! Families start pouring out of their homes around noon for walks, but if you hit the roads at 7:00 a.m. you will not see a soul (except for a few homeless folk...sad but true).  There were no cars on the roads, no walkers and runners where I usually see them.  It builds up a sort of sweet excitement for me because I know many families are cozy inside getting/gifting the stuff they wished for, and I build anticipation to spend the day driving around the bay area to spend time with family and eat, eat, eat.

Running all this dang cold winter long.  Thanks for the photo SF road warrior

It's been at least two weeks since I've recorded any of my miles up here.  No track work as promised, some hilly runs as also promised, and I have thrown some "goal pace miles" (anywhere between 6:35 and 7:10) in the middle of many of these runs.  Definitely still does not feel like marathon pace, it feels way too hard, but....I am making some sort of attempt to put the work in.  Hopefully I'll feel inspired to put some more work in during January so that the Napa marathon isn't a miserable attempt at something around 3:05 (or lower? Not seeming likely).

Two Weeks of Miles:

Dec. 17-23: 70

Dec. 24: 0
Dec. 25: 15.3
Dec. 26: 16.5
Dec. 27: 10.1
Dec. 28: 15 ish? (just over 2 hours, Garmin died after mile 10).
Dec. 29: 16.4
Dec. 30: 15.4
Total: 88-ish

I've experimented with all sorts of comfortable combinations of harder miles: 3 x 2miles at effort, 2 x 3miles at effort, 2 x 4miles at effort.  One really fun run was 16 miles with the first 4 easy with the Gentleman, and the rest I "sprinted" for the first minute of each mile.  The sprints started out around a 6:00 pace, but by the 16th mile it slowed to a 6:30 pace.

The week prior was about 70 miles, only ran 4 days of the week, with two longer runs making up the bulk. (One 20 miler outside, slow hilly; one 20 miler inside on the treadmill, 7:30 average pace, kind of kicked my butt).

Body check: buttcrease is still feeling loose and solid, but the leg-lock is still happening whenever I run several miles consecutively at a harder effort.  It's not too miserable, I just have to stop and stretch, but that is a huge bummer for races.  Stopping kind of doesn't help with all those goals against the clock.

My holidays included a stop at the Dickens Fair (secret: go after 4:00 p.m. for half-off and smaller crowds, and plenty of time to stare at humungous boobs in corsets and the like).

Some official old timey laws being passed.  The ladies are only there to bounce their ringlets, no law participation allowed!
A poster that I love

We went on a hunt in the pouring rain for possible wedding party locations.

I dunno, I guess we can party on this bench?

I did anything and everything to make my niece smile or laugh.  It's stupid but I can't stop.

Her face is ridiculous!

Which is why I perfectly understand her mesmerization with her own reflection

I received an iPhone, my very first smart phone, so I can finally maybe be as cool as Page and get some apps going.  I'm bookmarking her post on smartphone nerdiness so I can start getting seriously addicted to staring at a box in my palm.  Don't worry that won't happen.

But I love having a camera at the ready.  So many self-pics in my future, woo-hoo!! In the bathroom, in the dressing room, in the car while holding a starbucks coffee, you can't stop me world, it's self-photos all the time, 2013!

My 2013 resolution is to remember to start writing the date as "2013" on my shit sooner than March.  What's yours? (You're only allowed to share your resolution with me if it is fake, petty, mean, appalling, or funny).  Thanks, and happy new year!


  1. hahaha, it usually takes me a few months to remember it's a new year. This year, my resolution is not to give dirty looks to all the to all the tourists who ride the 30 bus and make me late for work, daily.

  2. My resolution is to flaunt my cleavage at every single opportunity. I think I need to get a job at the Dickens Fair.

    Your niece is adorable.

  3. My resolution is to keep my closet clean. It get to be a wasteland three feet tall with dumped running clothes...pretty bad. Yesterday I purged 12 huge Cotten race shirts that have never been worn.

  4. My resolution is to wash my stinking running clothes more than once a week and not choose clothes using the sniff test

  5. I recently saw a post on Facebook that said, "Resolutions are a To Do list for the month of January". I liked that. I sounds pretty accurate. Assuming that it takes 21 days to create a new habit (as per numerous studies), the month of January might be sufficient for a resolution to stick. I resolve to smile more. There, I just did it for today.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Loooove your dark hair (is that semi-recent or am i just really, really bad at paying attention?)
    Mike and I are giving each other monthly challenges instead of doing new years resolutions...so far, so good. We'll see if it sticks all year.

    1. I've been rockin the brunette since the summer... But sweaty running ponytails probably hasn't made it easy to notice. I like it too!

  7. my resolution is to purchase a pair of jeans that I can wear while bending over and not show 4 inches of "buttcrease." it's happening, goddammit, this is my year.

  8. I actually never thought about how empty the roads must be on Christmas morning. It could be somewhat cool I guess. The most empty roads I ever ran on were a few days after an ice storm down here...they had cleared the roads but no one was still on the road.

    Happy iphoning...maybe you can take coffee photos in your car with me. The camera and maps are my favorite feature.

  9. Resolution: run 10,000 plus miles and make sure I post on FB after every (awesome!) run.

    Love the brown hair, too!

  10. I plan on wearing lip color this year... like lipstick! eeek. I have never done that before!

  11. Oh my gosh Gemma is adorable!!! I mean she always has been, but she just keeps getting cuter and cuter. If that's possible. Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  12. My resolution is to move somewhere where "cold winter running" involves still wearing shorts. I hate you for calling that cold. (not that i'm bitter about the windchill and snow or anything)

  13. OOOH, thanks for the link to Page's blog, I need some new apps very much. I'm new to the iPhone - it's addicting. I need to cut back ;) My only excuse is that I have a Kindle app so I can read books on it to make me feel clever!

  14. Kennedy Park has several great reserveable spots for wedding parties. I've always wanted to attend one there (hint, hint).


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