Saturday, March 23, 2013


I'm afraid I have some pop culture to catch up on.

1) Bachelor 

Most urgently, is a timely and relevant conversation about the Bachelor finale ;)

(see, the joke is, the finale was like 2 weeks ago. This is not timely. I will still talk about it).

Sean proposing to Catherine

I caught about 70% of the season, and by the finale became very concerned about the fact that a) the final two women that Sean chose were the two with the most grating voices, and b) Sean was "praying for clarity" in order to choose his wife.  As opposed to falling madly and deeply unquestionably in love with his future wife.  Seems like a pretty terrifying way to choose your lifemate....but then again, in the world of the Bachelor, a lifemate really means approx. 5 months-mate.

Grating voice aside, at some point early in the season (the volleyball group date) Catherine stood out to me. As drop dead gorgeous and not dramatic.  She is a cutie!

And then, by the finale, when she got adorably excited to ride an elephant, I declared, "I would totally pick her if I was a penis person!"  I suppose "if I was a man" would have worked.  Or "a person who likes women".  But you get the point--I was rooting for Sean to pick Catherine.

Except for the whole "praying for clarity" to determine who he should fall in love with, Sean seemed like an okay guy.  Definitely more likable than some of the schmucks in the past.  The fact that he couldn't take a shower without being filmed was a little odd though ;)

Did you guys catch the episode where he surprised a group of sorority girls watching the Bachelor?

They harassed him to take his shirt off.  Mean girls.
Girls feast on him in the DeeGee Chapter room
Oh how do I know cool terms like "DeeGee Chapter room?" Cause that was MY DG (delta gamma) chapter room in college.

Yup.  I was in a sorority at UCLA.  And I would have lost my shit just like those girls if we were watching the Bachelor and he just popped in.  It made me all sorts of nostalgic when the camera spanned that beautiful sorority mansion that I used to call home.  Man, I sure didn't appreciate that opportunity for what it was.  I was too busy trying to find a corner to hide in for an estrogen break to appreciate how AWESOME it was to watch the Bachelor (or as it were, Sex and the City) with 50 other fun girls on mandatory "Monday Dinner" night.

In sum, Sean did not have much to choose from, but Catherine was his best bet.  She seems really playful and silly, and sometimes that's all you need in a best friend/wife.

2) JT

Have you heard the hype? Justin Timberlake hosted SNL! Then he was on Jimmy Fallon everyday for a week! Then he was on every radio channel! And the Grammys! He has a new album out! You can buy it at Target for $10 and it comes with two bonus tracks!

For the love of *NSYNC it was just too much.  And I totally fell for it.

I found myself at a Target at 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday night (the day it was released) with the Gentleman to buy his new album and some Peeps.

And then I found myself at another Target at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday night because the first Target was sold out of the JT album.  I bought some more peeps.

I buy CD's because my #1 favorite time to listen to music is in the car (nope, not while running, I listen to the radio or podcasts while running), and my old car does not have an ipod/iphone dock.  CD's only.

I bought the hype because Pitchfork gave his album an 8.4.  By Pitchfork standards, that is a beyond glowing review.

I also bought the hype because even though I find nothing about JT attractive, I think his sense of humor and SNL hosting skills scream, "I was on the Mickey Mouse Club!", I think he is arrogant, his voice is just ookkkkkkaay, and generally I fucking hate Justin Timberlake, EVEN THOUGH all of that: "my love" and "lovestoned" and "what goes around" and "cry me a river" always end up on my ipod playlist.  They just migrate right back there.  He makes good music.  Thanks to Timbaland's writing and Michael Jackson's influence, but still.  Good music.

How's the album, you ask?

Well there's this problem where I can't shake Jessica Biel's face out of my head, since every song is about how in love he is and how much he wants to dance with his hot lady.  No songs at all about how Scarlett Johansson (as a metaphor for Britney Spears) cheated on him and then Karma killed her in a car accident.  (See: what goes around).

Not a bad face to have stuck in my head
I have close to never seen any of Jessica Biel's acting, but she is so very famous.  She is stunning. That's all I have on her.

But, the album is very good.  The music and the beats are creative and fun.  They make you want to dance, and also to sit still and listen to the weird stuff that is happening.  The lyrics are terrible, though, so don't listen too closely to that.  Sample: "you really got me when you said hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, smacking that strawberry bubblegum."

3) JTT

Lets add another T and now we have a hottie!

What 10 year old WOULDN'T fall madly for this?

When someone's face is hanging on your wall for a solid year of pure Teen Bop love, you never forget.  JTT still lives in my fifth-grader heart.

I am forever thankful that the "Justin Bieber" of our generation was the adorable JTT.  I never saw his underwear due to saggy-yet-tight-hammer pants.  I never saw him take his shirt off because he thought his skinny boy body was slammin.  JTT had a smoldering smile.  Bieber tries to have one.  JTT wins.

And JTT is back!

He made an appearance on some show called Last Man Standing on Friday night.  I didn't catch it, because I'm too cool to be at home on a Friday night.  But I still got excited just to hear that he's still around.  And adorable.

There he is, all grown up! Nicely done!

4) Bloglovin

I reacted to the Google Reader death announcement immediately, and then so did everyone else, which surprised me. I thought I was in the minority for using it as my blog reading tool.  Then I just felt like a douche for blogging about the same whiney stuff that everyone else is blogging about.

I hear that our choices are Feedly and Bloglovin.  I just sampled Bloglovin (tricky move, I just linked you to my blog on Bloglovin) and was very annoyed to learn that when you click on a blog post, it opens it in a new page.  There's no way to stay on the same page? It also downloaded all my Google Reader subscriptions, but then made it so a bunch of posts I had already read were un-read, which is going to be annoying to dig through.  -1 point for Bloglovin.  I'll try Feedly later.

Still hoping Google will realize how much RoseRunner is annoyed by this decision and will retract it.

5) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

I should be embarrassed to share that the first time I bought the Swimsuit Issue was when I was a senior in high school.  2002.  I discovered Ana Beatriz Barros and for whatever reason couldn't help myself from wanting to stare at her in a bikini.  Part of me was lusting, and another part of me was staring at her, staring at myself in the mirror, and breeding some self-loathing for not having her puffy lips and bright eyes.

This is the one. 2002.

Since then, I have probably bought about 4 of the last 11 years' swimsuit issue.  Including 2013.

WHY? I don't know.  I enjoy looking at women in bathing suits.  Kate Upton's boobs? Yes, I will take a look please. 

I am also fascinated by the painted on bathing suits.  

Kate Upton with a PAINTED on tangle of necklaces
Even though these girls make me cringe every time they pose with their ass arched to the camera, coyly looking back over their shoulder, I still get a kick flipping through.  It appeals to the same part of me that can't help flipping through an US Weekly while waiting in line at the grocery store. 

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: degrading and disgusting, or love it/can't look away?


  1. Yay! You're one of my favorite run bloggers, you're an awesome runner, AND you're a DeeGee!!! (Rho chapter, checking in).

    (I sometimes wish people were more surprised that I was in a sorority).

    1. Yay fellow DeeGee! I think even my sorority sisters were surprised I was in a sorority. They were such great girls though. I don't think any fit the cliche of sorority girls....except they were beautiful and liked to party

  2. You'll be happy to know that I just read this post in Feedly! I'm not sure I'm in love with it. Too many bells and whistles, I think. But I don't like making decisions, so I found some options a week or so ago, tried them for 5 seconds each (max), and settled on Feedly for some reason that I can't remember now. And now I'm just forcing myself to adjust to it. I'm sad about Google Reader going away, though. I'd go straight back to it if Google ever changed its mind.

    I liked Catherine, too. I can totally relate to her silly and nerdy side. However, I also kinda knew she was going to be the last girl standing. I like to spoil the ending via Reality Steve. I know it's weird, but I enjoy a show like Bachelor better when I feel like I don't have to scream at the TV things like "NOOOOOO! Not Tierra!!! You better not end up with her!!!" since I was fairly certain that wasn't possible. Plus, RS's episode-by-episode blog entries are really fun. And yes, I was totally that kid who would read the first chapter of a book, then skip to the last page before going back to where I was.

    AHHHHHHH!!! JTT! How is he still that adorable???

    I am absolutely fascinated with how different boobs are from girl to girl. How are there that many combinations??? You might have convinced me to start keeping up with the SI Swimsuit issue. To your final question- I'm not sure if "love it" is completely correct, but I don't think it's disgusting. I guess my reaction to it would be "fascinating and jealousy-inducing with a bundle of can't look away". Oh, and I totally googled SI body paint swimsuits. WHAT THE WHAT?!? I am amazed at the artistry of it.... yeah, um, the artistry, that's it.

    1. I lose interest if I read the spoilers. And I always end up guessing wrong! Would have thought Des was going to the end.

      You appreciate great art, obviously

  3. I have been waiting for the Bachelor post for a long time. I also liked Catherine and her nerdy notes. I thought Lindsay was SO VAPID.

    I realized in retrospect that I recommended Feedly without actually using it. I was using "Feedler" on my phone. Oops, sorry about that. So, I did actually start using Feedly this week. It took me a while to get used to, but I like going to the "Latest" menu on the left, and using the keyboard shortcuts to scroll through the posts quickly. It's made my RSS reading lots simpler.

  4. You know I watched the bachelor...oh the voices...seriously one of them I had to mute at times ... Ok bloglovin and feedly
    I tried both for a week. My verdict is bloglovin App is the way to go. You can open a post and comment and come back to the feed without opening a new window. For me that is perfect.

  5. I think the show JTT was on is Tim Allen's new show. I mean, I'm way to busy on Friday nights to watch tv, too. I think I just read about it in us weekly. I also thought that the oldest brother, brad, was super hot. I think he had three names, too. But I don't remember them.

    I used to always steal my brothers si swimsuit edition. It's like looking at animals in the zoo, so exotic, even though you know it's wrong.

  6. What's with all these vague anonymous blog post from people who speak marginal english?

    It's funny we talked throughout every bachelor episode and then never said a word to each other about the finale. I think a discussion is in order.

    1. Spam has been outta control lately. I delete like 15 of those a day...

      Discussion is necessary! I just found out des is the new bachelorette, you better watch it

    2. SI Swimsuit issue? Totally degrading and disgusting and I love it/can't look away and have been following it since the beginning of time. The sand on the booty routine is getting a little tired but two thumbs up on arching of backs and looking back provocatively over shoulders.

    3. This issue has sand on the booty, but in the shape of handprints. They made it new!?

  7. Hey RoseRunner!! Check this out for Google Reader alternatives.


  8. Oh love for him will never fade. I liked him in Home Improvement, and LOVED him in Wild America and Tom and Huck. Swoon. So many elementary/middle school memories happening right now.

    1. So I had a crush on Simba. Just because of jtt's voice. Man of the house too....saw all those silly films!

  9. I was fairly pleased with the outcome of the Bachelor. Catherine was definitely the least annoying of the lot. Lindsey...I mean, I know she claims that showing up in a wedding dress was a "joke." but that still speaks to a special kind of crazy.

    I love the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. I'm shameless about it. I've been bugging my co-worker to bring it in because I completely forgot to buy it this year.

  10. I liked Catherine. Lindsay was sweet, but sounded like she had the intelligence level of a 12 year old.

    I liked Sean, and of course he was filmed multiple times without his shirt on....If I got paid what I'm sure he did to to show off my abs (if they were good), I would do the same thing : )

    Didn't JTT turn out gay? Nothing at all against being gay, I just seem to remember that rumor going around.

    1. I don't think he's ever confirmed it, but that's the rumor! I figure that's why he didn't reply to my fan mail ;)

  11. I made the switch over to feedly and I like it so far. It keeps you on the same page and has some good organization features. It is still an adjustment after using google reader for so long.

  12. Love the Pop round-up! I too tried out JT's album last week and it's pretty silly. I do admit to liking quite a few of his songs, the old ones that is. But on this new album I'm only digging a couple. The strawberry bubblegum song just drives me nuts though. I can not listen to it because the lyrics are so stupid.

  13. I love the Sports Illustrated ladies. So does the husband. We share the swimsuit issue, and I tend to keep it as it gives me some poses for artwork. :) He gets it for me every Valentine's Day for the past 9 years.

    I loved NSYNC but am kind of meh about JT. Love Jessica Biel though. she can't act herself out of a wet paper bag, but she's fun to watch.

    I can't look at JTT and think Simba!!

  14. Maybe you can answer this: was there a reason The Bachelor was SO popular this year? Did I miss something?

    And, I heard Kate Upton got frostbite and hyopthermia from the shoot! (And I totally bought the Swimsuit Issue too.)

  15. Yes I saw that Bach episode and just like you it brought me back to living in the "house" with 40 other women. Wednesday was 90210 night. So awesome. Those were the days....

  16. Don't hate me too much (can we still be blogging friends?) but I am not a JT fan (at least not his new music). I want to go back to when he brought Sexy back (the song as I don't find him terribly attractive...well not at all attractive either). Timbaland I do like though.I actually like listening to the radio and pandora when I run. I think listening to my own playlist makes me ADD and I want to change the song every five minutes.

    I have a collection of about 5 CD's that I listen to on repeat during long car down the east coast.

    Also I enjoy bloglovin but actually because it does pop up in another screen. I've been using it since I started blogging actually.

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    (hahaha sorry I just wanted to imitate a spambot. Anyways, loved this post and also liked Catherine more. <3).


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