Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Has been nice.

Still trying to work on the leg-lock, including sitting on a tennis ball (no baseballs in this house) with my ankle over my knee, total torture.  I have no idea what I'm doing, which is probably dangerous.  But several wise runners have given me that advice, so I am sitting on that ball.  I have also been thinking really hard about doing lots of squats and lunges every day.  Thinking about it is half the battle...right?

Two more treadmill speed sessions since we last met.  Who knows if it will translate to running faster outside, but so far it has translated to running faster on the treadmill!

1) 10x800m repeats at 2:58 (10.1 mph/ 5:56 pace) with quarter mile recovery
--Compared to a couple weeks ago, where I needed longer recoveries towards the end, and was doing 2:59's (big difference, I know not really)

2) 4x2 mile repeats at 6:18 (9.5 mph) with quarter mile recovery
--Compared to a couple weeks ago, where I ran 5x1 mile at 6:18, and needed longer recoveries towards the end.

I tried to squeeze another treadmill speed workout in this morning (tuesday) but it wasn't happening.  I immediately felt overworked by the relatively attainable paces, so I called it off, shall try again later in the week.

These attempts at speedwork have some purpose, because a notion of my 2013 running future is beginning to take shape.

The first race on target: the See Jane Run half marathon in Alameda in early June.  Just a little over five weeks away already, whoa!  

I only found out this week that I would get to run it, and I'll be running it for the third year in a row (danger! did not love running Oakland for my third year, boredom possibly to blame).  I had been holding out because of the possibility of a complimentary race entry, and yippee ki-yay, I got a golden ticket!  See Jane Run has generously SuperJaned me (that's official language) which makes this the first time I have said "yes" to a sponsor relationship opportunity.  Even though I don't run for chocolate and champagne (I don't think that's in my SuperJane contract at least), I'm more than happy to throw my SuperJane cape on and link arms with this local running store.  I've been a patron to the bay area See Jane Run stores since I was a teenager, including to buy the cute orange shorts on my tush in the pic below. 

See Jane Run 2012
See Jane Run 2011

After two disappointing race experiences where I ran significantly slower than expected , had some body issues, and generally didn't feel sharp/energetic/fast, (Napa, Oakland) I have a lot of fear going into my next race.  My fear is that now that I know what it's like to expect to run a 1:26 and instead run a 1:31 (or to expect a 3:03 and run a 3:09), that I have no control over my goals.  I would love to aim for a PR for this next See Jane Run half (under 1:26:21), and given I've been working pretty hard on the treadmill for a few weeks now I like to think that would lead to some results.  But I have no idea what to expect now.  I felt stronger than a 3:09 in March when I ran Napa, even with my leg-lock problems.  I feel stronger than a 1:26 some days of the week.  But I haven't felt great on race days on my last two attempts.  That's scary.  I keep imagining myself hitting mile three or four of any future race and falling apart or just stepping aside to quit.  I know it's not actually that big of a deal to have two bad races, and I totally expect and have excitement about the fact that I will get to redeem those races at some point.  But since that redemption is still a question mark in the future, I have this fear that I am perpetually only going to get slower and have more body problems.

Next up is a similar story for the San Francisco half marathon (the second half).  I think it's in June or July, and I am waiting to find out if I can run it "on the house" because I applied for a free entry (sub 1:30 runners get to apply to run for free).

Then I've got the San Jose Rock n' Roll half in the fall, signed up for it a while back because of a good coupon code.

And I'm locked in for CIM already, I signed up extra early for a race for the first time ever thinking it was smart to save money with the early $85 fee, and learned my lesson.  Right after I handed over my credit card I realized I will likely be on my honeymoon next December. Dumb.

SO.  With CIM out of the picture, I'd like to set my sights on some other Fall marathon.

Chicago would have been perfect.  But as with all the big ones, I understand you are too late if you don't sign up in a flurry within the hour that registration opened, and then tweet/facebook/blog about it 300 times.

So a brief search has found: Portland; Long Beach; and Grandma's in Minnesota.  I want the answer to be Long Beach so I can do the least/cheapest traveling.  Anyone feel strongly either way about the Long Beach marathon in October? Thanks.


Shit, life is happening this year.

In the past week, we have made headway on our goals to 1) buy a house, 2) have a wedding, and 3) book our honeymoon.

1) buy a house.

We started the ball rolling on getting a home mortgage loan, and went on a city hike popping into open homes to get a feel for what's available at what price listings.  One of the open homes we found ourselves in was a small, bizarre home in Piedmont that was selling for $1.2 million.  Let me repeat: small and bizarre.  That's what $1.2 million gets you in the snobby island carved into Oakland where rich people move so their precious children don't have to associate with non-rich black kids in their precious school district.  (That's my take on Piedmont anyway. Not like I wouldn't snap up one of those beautiful homes if I could!)

2) Wedding.

We booked a date! And a location! August.  Now all I need is to go on the bridal crash diet so I look orange and stupid thin on my wedding day and everyone can fawn over me.

Of course, it will be casual, and I have the right to wear grey or gain extra bride pounds if I feel like it.  But I'm very excited with our decisions so far.  Hopefully family and friends appreciate that this is our celebration, the only celebration, instead of getting hung up on the fact that they weren't there when we signed a piece of paper.

3) Honeymoon.

South America!?!?

We have our eye on Peru and whatever else in South America can be hiked, eaten, explored.  Argentina? Chile? Brazil? Galapagos?  Suggestions welcome.

Bonus round of In Other News:

4) One half of two little runners

An internet blind date success! I've always loved the two little runners because they are both lawyers,  who have gained much strength and speed in a short time, who know and share a lot of running wisdom (strength train those glutes already!).  And they are the authors of one of my favorite race recaps ever, because of how they tag-teamed the recap, because the wind descriptions make me laugh, and because it reminds me to find some humor in the bad races.

I forced Penny to have dinner with me while she was in town for work and tried (maybe unsuccessfully) to prove that Oakland is super cool despite her dodgy hotel.  She's running her FIRST marathon this Sunday with huge ambitions (sub 3:30? no, lower... sub 3:20? no, lower...) so go wish her luck and any first-timer advice.  Kristen (the other half of the two little runners), I'm coming after you next.

Just imagine us three cute lawyers yelling "objection! Tort! Res judicata" while running.


5) Twitter.

I'm giving twitter a trial period.

During the scary hours on the Monday of the Boston marathon, it struck me that social media can be useful in urgent times.  You can connect to people you know, or follow news outlets to get instant answers.  I want to taste it and see if I need it or if I can continue to live without.

I would love it if you follow me, perhaps it will prove to be an excellent and easy avenue to connect with internet blog friends.  @RoseRunnerBlog.  @your service.

I guess you can watch me have private conversations with friends, publicly?  Is that what it's for? I desperately need a tutorial, for real, I don't know how to do anything but read my home page.  Anyway, no promises for any sort of consistency.  Posting every day? multiple times a day?! Every hour!!!?? No way am I going to share that much of my life.  Sounds boring for everyone. Strange.

So far my home home page primarily consists of comedians being hilarious (that's who I follow) and oh my god I have never laughed so hard at my iPhone (besides the times I FaceTime my niece and she shows off by jumping on the bed while holding the handrail in this really spastic way.  Then she always hits her head and cries.  It's sad, but mostly funny).  The laughter is primarily thanks to @michaelianblack and @Will_Ferrell, even though I never understand what the hell Will Ferrell is re-tweeting.  Usually it has something to do with Kim Kardashian's butt?  But seriously, Michael Ian Black.  I am saddened to think of all his tweets I have missed out on in the past.



  1. I'm running sfm first half/spectating finish line, so maaaaybe I'll see you?

    Long Beach is a good PR course, I hear, but the weather can be sketchy. The year I ran was blazing hot (2011). Last year, I spectator and it was vacillating between cool and cloudy, and blazing hot again when the clouds drifted away.

  2. I've started using twitter in the past few weeks. I've been lurking on it for a while but recently have tested the waters and actually, I quite like it. I don't quite get the public-private conversation thing though! My fave twitter account is Queen_UK which is a very funny, very affectionate satirical account of the Queen of GB. Makes me laugh a lot.

  3. So many things I want to say:
    1. Treadmill or no, those are some monster speed workouts, lady! *Virtual High Five*
    2. Just throwing this out there (because I *want* to believe it) re: race fear -- I keep reading about how often people PR when they don't care, don't wear their Garmins, etc. So maybe that's your winning strategy?
    3. I feel the same way about Piedmont. Good luck with the housing search!
    4. @dine_and_dash #followme

  4. A tennis ball didn't help me for my leg/buttcrease pain issues with running but I'm finding something that did. I've been doing the "fold your leg over your knee and roll you butt" on a medicine ball (hard rubber with no give, not one of the squishy ones) and it hurt a lot at first but I kept it up for a few minutes on each side every night for a month now and I'm having far less leg pain from running. I don't know if it will fix whatever is wrong with you, but it's doing good things for me. Just make sure you get a hard rubber medicine ball that doesn't dent when you sit on it. I found a good one made by Valeo at my local Big 5 for $32. http://www.big5sportinggoods.com/product/medicine-balls/478242-152687/valeo-10-lb-medicine-ball.html

    Commenting on the school district thing... Everyone I know with kids that live across the bay from you has moved to the very fringe borders of Los Altos when their kids hit 3 or 4 years old so that they can get into that school district. Apparently it's the only one where kids aren't forced to commit violent crimes as part of their curriculum or something.

  5. Have you tried ART for you leg? That's what I do when I have weird hamstring/leg lock issues.

    If you can transfer your CIM entry, I'll buy it off you. I've been thinking about it. Maybe. I dunno.

    Twitter: It's for sharing news and jokes, primarily. Secondly, it's like the status part of facebook, but more snappy? It'll make sense eventually.

  6. Twitter is my favorite form of social media. It's difficult to get started but once you do it's the quickest way to get information without being spammed with 1000 silly photos (Facebook). My twitter name is Kris_Law

    Have you tried leg extensions to strengthen the quads and IT band area?

    Congrats on the home, wedding, and honeymoon decisions!

  7. When my ITB was playing up a few people told me to sit on a tennis ball whilst driving as each time I use the pedals it would work the ball! I didn't have one so never tried it but I'll always remember it!

    Good luck with the wedding!

  8. Free race entries are a sponshorship I could go with all the time. I do hope you PR in that race though. Those treadmill workouts are serious stuff. I have always had a problem with treadmill workouts because I never really know if I feel good during them...or the belt feels good for me.

    That is what bothers me about big races to begin with. As runners who train harder than average, you can't say oh I'm going to sign up for this race 6 months in advance... people running high mileage get injured in that time frame. I hate signing up that early but the races sell out. I'd say go for the cheapest full (though there are plenty of East Coast fulls too ;)...can I harass you enough you come over LOL?

  9. Shoot, I'd accept a free race entry from freakin' chocolate milk. No I wouldn't. Well, depends. If I didn't have to actually drink a chocolate milk, and it was a half or full, I'd do it, lol.
    Your treadmill workouts sound TOUGH, mill or no. Two mile repeats? Ouch. I can't do it. I start gasping for breath!
    This is not at all in the interests of no travel, but I am a big fan of the Harrisburg marathon in PA. It's just a great race, and it's a good PR course. It was my first BQ, too, so I have a super soft spot for it! Plus, donuts at the start and finish and the best swag bag of any small race I've run.

  10. I just found your blog recently and I very much enjoy reading it, thorns and all. I don't always have words of advice, but I'll keep on lurking around and for sure I'll learn something. Happy running, hopefully with no pain, but all gain!

    Congrats on setting a wedding day as well! I heard that Costa Rica and Guatemala are beautiful and perfect places for adventurous souls.

  11. Love South America! Definitely Peru. And Argentina is incredible. And Bolivia has terrible food and is super filthy but the country is beautiful. And I loved Ecuador. Congrats on setting the wedding date!

  12. Awesome on #1 and 3. Might as well take the money going towards #2 and put it all on #1...IMO :)

    Brazil and Argentina would be amazing. I've always wanted to hike The Glacier National Park in Argentina. Or you could be real adventurous and summit Aconcagua!

    2 mile repeats are tough... x4! Dang woman. If your leg/butt stays in check, I think a sub 1:26 is realistic.

  13. I am 99% I will be out at SJR yelling at you and Jess, while being paparazzi :)

    Have you considered Fresno (two cities) in November yet? Jess ran last year, Katie ran a couple years ago - its flat, well organized, but maybe slightly boring.


  14. I love comped entries!!! They help get good talent into races (usually) plus who doesn't like to save a couple bucks?

    I am biased...but you should run Grandma's! One caveat is the weather can be absolutely perfect or absolutely horrible (the first year I ran the half it was crazy hot and I ended up in the medical tent). The course is point to point so the crowds get a little scarce here & there but the party after the race is awesome.

  15. We went to Galapagos on our honeymoon about five years ago, and have never once regretted it. It is amazing. We did a land-based tour where we stayed on the populated islands and sailed between them, as opposed to staying on a ship and doing landings. I think the land-based gives you a more authentic experience - you are more immersed in the culture instead of retreating to your ship at night. We went with G Adventures, which is a company I would recommend 1000 times over.

  16. Haha - 'Objection! Tort!' Love it. So great meeting you - you're even more cool in person!

    That 10x800s, wowza. That's the perfect Yasso indication for a 2:58 marathon, no?

    I read a long article in Delta's inflight magazine re Peru, and it looks ah-mazing. Ancient ruins + churros, yes please.

  17. Oh man, when you figure out twitter, will you explain it to me? Thanks!

    Sooooo excited for the marriage celebration! I have been meaning to e-mail/call you to discuss for a while now but life has been crazy. Let's catch up ASAP!

  18. You can be non-orange and non stupid thin at your wedding and people will still fawn over you. I think it's a reflex, like when people see babies or puppies. You will also pose for more iPhone pictures that you ever thought possible. It's ridiculous, but comes with the territory of being a bride. Happy house hunting, wedding planning and honeymoon booking.

  19. Good luck house hunting! There are some nice houses at bay-area-decent prices in Montclair; a Sunday looking at open houses in Montclair would make for a good city hike! I did Long Beach last year. Good crowd support; lots of spectators and cheer stations. Tons of half marathoners, who start at the same time as the full marathon runners, so it was fairly crowded for the first few miles. I'm a much slower runner than you, and it got really warm on the course. Rising temps is prob less of an issue for you fast runners. Peru is amazing.

  20. See Jane Run also offered to comp my race fee, but I passed on the opportunity, for a few reasons I won't list here. Great perks, tho. I'm interested to read about your experiences as a sponsored runner!

    I still plan on running the half, just haven't signed up yet. I'm REALLY worried about the possibility of getting overheated there. I was going to ask you if it gets hot in Alameda, but you live in the East Bay and are probably used to higher temps.

  21. you just made my head hurt with the "objection! tort! res judicata!" language. For that I'll say, "object to form." #StupidLawyerJokes

    I'll follow you on twitter, but only if you FOLLOW BACK. THOSE ARE THE RULES!

  22. I went to Peru in May and loved it! Machu Picchu is really all it's cracked up to be, and more. It was breathtaking...truly a once in a lifetime experience. We also really liked Lima, which it seems like I may be in the minority in that, but I thought it was a cool cite. I'd say that if you go, skip Lake Titikaka...it was kind of boring. Although we did go to some of the protected islands, which were interesting.

  23. hollerrrr I just tweeted at you

    (yeah it took me a while to figure it out...it's been a year and I'm still getting the hang of it.)

    I don't tweet very frequently, I just respond to people, post links to blog posts, and link my twitter to instagram, it doesn't have to be terribly time consuming. It's actually relatively cool.

  24. We went to Argentina for our honeymoon, and I HIGHLY recommend it! The food and wine are incredible (best steak in the world) and the people are great. We spent most of our time at a tiny family-run resort in the mountains and had a blast hiking and horseback riding. If you want more information, let me know and I can send you an email (to avoid the world's longest blog comment).

  25. Ah, Long Beach. I discovered my marathon demons there. But most people say it is PR course. If the weather cooperated, you would fly.
    As far as Twitter goes I have discovered many newsy items that I otherwise would not have known about. I burn out on constantly sharing tidbits of my life there that only I find interesting.

  26. Read your blog all the time, I've never commented BUT you will need visas to travel to Brazil, so make sure to check and see if the other South American countries require US passport holders to obtain visas before traveling! I see it all too often where people have NO IDEA that they needed a visa to go there and they have to rush and get it 2 days before they leave.

    On another note: congrats on everything: signing a piece of paper, having a wedding, honeymoon, and joining twitter!

  27. Heh, you've been a busy girl!

    I epic-ly suck at Twitter, and my boyfriend freaking works there. So.....good luck!

  28. Twitter...I have that and I don't like it...it is just too much....I do like Instagram. With that people can comment and it is like a mini blog

    Long Beach I have ran the last 2 years. It is ok except for a section that pretty narrow by the beach. It can be VERY hot. 2 yrs ago was brutal and I ended up hospitalized. I would not say I love that race but it is OK.


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