Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'd Rather Be Running

A's Game

Best friday night ever.  I had two of my very favorite people on each side of me.

this face is, "mom, you are taking this picture way too close"

Juuust about the last row seats

Our hometown Oakland A's front and center.  3 minutes of doing the Bernie lean.  A couple magical moments, including a homerun by Cespedes and an amazing throw to home plate blocking the Tigers from a run.  But the A's lost, so that was lame.

It was also just nice to spend some time with the Gentleman, who I don't see much of these days.  He has day off of work since our wedding.  His job is on my hit list.  I hope his employer searches him by his full name, Mr. Gentleman RoseRunner, and learns all about it! I don't care!

Speaking of the Gentleman, he pointed out that 7th inning stretch and the singing of "take me out to the ballgame" is legitimately one of the top happiest things in the world.  Thousands of adults singing a secular song together, about a simple past time   It really is amazing when you think about it.  Enjoy that shit next time you're at a ball game.


I'm building a stack of IOU's to give to my niece and nephew when they finally get high school jobs so they can pay me back for all the gas $$$ I spend driving to Napa to see them.  My niece is definitely in a place of "put that baby down and play with ME."  So I did.

Put that baby down

And play with me

She knows all the moves

the fetal position? Real original, baby.
She has me wrapped around her finger.  She hit me in the face and her scraggly fingernail left a bloody scratch, so I brought her to the bathroom to show her how I had to clean the scratch and ask her to say sorry.  She gave me a puppy-dog face for 3 minutes straight, in silence.  So instead, I gave her a hug for scratching me in the face.  Well played, kiddo.

ART & Plyometrics

Last friday morning, I headed back to sir doctor for another round of ART and a discussion of how it felt to run after our last session.  He had an intern shadowing him, and I think he wanted to show off for the intern, because he TORE me UP.  Oh jeebus.  I was feeling very bruised the following few days, but I promise that's not my excuse for the brief race recap below.

My plan is to stay steady with a doctor--although it will be interrupted soon by a long honeymoon--until my left leg starts to feel some real semblance of better.  I've reconciled with the fact that this may cost a pretty penny.

San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon

Based on my confidence-boosting tempo run, I thought I was right on target by going out with a few 6:30 miles.  It turns out that I am still in 1:30 half marathon shape, and that the tempo run was just a nice fluke.  Or whatever made me feel so light and fast and peppy that morning, was not present on Sunday morning.

1:29:50 official time.  I walked through the last two water stops instead of stopping to stretch out my left leg, because coming to a full halt reallllly throws you off.  Walking gave my leg a little relief.  I did have some left leg issues during the race, but the "locking" sensation was not as severe as it can be.

That may be all in my head. Wishful thinking that the ART last week is helping.  I am trying to stay hopeful, so this feeling of being completely "stuck" in my running doesn't bring me way down.  Hopeful that with some more ART, plyometrics, and loving care, I'll keep progressing and moving forward.  Get back to my 1:26 PR and then some!

Dennis, me, Jessica.  They both had amazing races
The race did frustrate me.  My corral notice pointed out that back in February when I signed up for this race, I optimistically put down my expected finish time as 1:25.

But I have to remember that it mostly frustrated me because that perfect pre-race tempo run gave me a false sense of hope.  Prior to that run, I believed I was on track for a personal worst after a lazy summer (speed work wise).  This was not a personal worst, so I'm trying to remind myself there's not much more I could have hoped for.  I certainly didn't earn a great race.

Blog Heading

For this blog's 2.5 year existence, there has never been a "catchphrase" under the title.  Just plain RoseRunner.  Or Rose Runner.  I have no idea if it is one word or two, but based on the blog search traffic, the greater majority thinks it is 2 words.  Sounds good to me.

 Then I added a catchphrase.

"I'd rather be running."

I was thinking about the first day of my real property law course in 2007.  The professor was sweet--too sweet, because we ended up ill-prepared for the bar exam on the subject of real property--and she asked us to write down 3 things about us on an index card.

I don't remember the other two items I wrote, but I remember one was, "no matter what I'm doing, I'd rather be running."  Turns out, the professor was also a former runner and she pulled me aside to talk about our respective pre-class endorphin fixes.

Of course, I can think of a few things I'd rather be doing than running at times, and if I just finished a 20-miler and am lying on the couch, you can bet I wouldn't "rather be running."  But I think the point is made.  It's my free-time filler of choice.

Now that term is mine, you may never use it, unless you would like to pay $25 for a shirt that I will be selling with that tagline?

Ha.  I'm too lazy to make shirts.  I graciously allow you to use those words.  Free country! Thanks Obama!

Is your team in the playoffs right now? I need the A's to win Thursday night's game.  Go Athletics! Your team is named after people who are athletic!

Did you catch ShittyBlogger's last post? She didn't get as much love as her first guest post, and is now suffering from extreme self esteem issues.  


  1. Perhaps the second ShittyBlogger was too subtle for the general audience.

    Also, 1:29 is not bad. And, at San Jose RnR. The last time I did that race I sat down and started crying at 10K.

    1. sucky, what made you cry? :( I'm not a fan of "fast, flat" courses, so San Jose isn't the best for me. My legs need variety

  2. Those two kids are both so cute, I wouldn't know which one to put down to play with the other.

  3. Haha the "I'd rather be running" shirt would only work as a non-running shirt or it would be confusing as hell.

    1. I hadn't thought of this problem. But ironic and odd is in, so all the more perfect as a running shirt

  4. My team is in the playoffs and they're playing your team tonight. Let's go, Tigers!

    1. Good job tigers. Verlander killed it, much to my sadness :(

  5. "Mr. Gentleman RoseRunner" had me LOL'ing. Hope to see both you on Sunday!

  6. My team is also your team. I'll be screaming my heart out tonight at the Coliseum! Go, A's!

  7. Sounds like a solid run for you. I was also at game 1 (in section 300) and I'm going tonight to game 5! I was at game 5 in 2003 when we lost to the Red Sox in game 5, I hope that we win tonight - seems like the A's always lose in game 5 ugh. Sonny Gray!

    1. they do always lose in game 5 .... :(

  8. I'm really glad the ART seems to be helping. I was having a major case of the sads thinking that you would be permanently locked in the buttcrease. FWIW I'd rather be running, too. ShittyBlogger gets more love than I do (except for the day I was mentioned on GOMI...and then it was just visual love not written) so quit your complaining ;-)

    1. You got gomi'd!? Cool beans. Unless it was mean.

    2. They liked me. It's all good. I'm infinitely likable even if I do swear a lot.

  9. I saw you on the course at SJRNR from miles 0-5 or so. I said hi as I passed you at mile 5 or so but you were in "I'm a blogger talk to my agent" mode or you didn't hear me =P. Your stride looked good but I figured you weren't having an ideal day due to your pace slowing. Maybe you are expecting racing to feel too easy? I had that problem for a while and it really hurt my times. Now I go out form the beginning expecting it to suck and hurt like hell; I've been PR'ing all summer long. The leg issue is an exception of course. You mentioned turning to ultra-distances in another post which is not a bad idea at all!

    1. I don't remember you saying hi at all! I was probably hating you and everyone for making me notice how much I was slowing down.

      Dealing with race hurt is a very good point--it's possible my tolerance for it has gone down? Or the excitement and adrenaline that used to get me through it is lost? But at the same time, I've been feeling WORSE at the finish line with each 1:29-1:31 half I've run lately than I used to when I finished with a 1:26-1:28. But I do think you're on to something. I've gotten wimpier.

      How'd you do!??

    2. I set a 3.5 minute PR with a 1:26:29, I felt great and had more to give; I'm certain I could have gotten into 1:25:xx. I was originally shooting for 1:23 but I had to take a few weeks off of training due to injury. It was my first road half since 04/12 (I usually race trail halves) so I didn't know what to expect.

    3. I was one of two bearded guys running together, my bearded friend wasn't wearing a shirt (thought you may remember that =P). We got quite a few "go beards" cheers along the course.

  10. Argh, my comment above must have been prophetic, that game 5 loss was just as painful as the 2003 game 5 loss vs Red Sox. Verlander is just too good, and has the A's number. I can't bear to watch any more baseball without the A's in it - just annoys me that every team left is a high payroll team - St. Louis is lowest among the 4 left at $116 million - A's are at $68 million (5th lowest)

  11. ok now you need to serve that jerk of a photographer into small claims court to show you have officially run out of patience.
    and you need to go to a pt or md who is also a runner who and tell you what's up with your body's woes
    and love the photos of gems and river and me and you and j man at A's game....

  12. Hahaha!!! Your Mom's comments are the best. I am so happy that my comment is right below hers!! Hi Diane!!!


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