About Me

My middle name is Rose, and historians agree that I have been known to go on a run every so often.

My law graduation gift from sister # 3

I'm a twenty-something year old, a bay-area California resident (Oakland!), a lawyer, and the best girlfriend wife ever to a guy named the Gentleman.

My favorite couple

Graduating at San Francisco's civic center

My other favorite couple (gotcha! That's still us!)

I'm a hiker and a devourer of food.  I grew up in Napa so have some food snobbery in my repertoire.

Hiking in Grand Canyon, December 2010

I've been running for almost 16 years.

I started running in middle school track -- sprints, and running to propel myself into a sandpit for the long-jump.  I continued jumping and running the 100, 200, and 400 meter sprints and relays through high school.

High School 4x400 relay

oh short shorts

When I was 15, my soccer coach told us we should be able to run for 45 minutes straight, since that was how long one half of a game was.  He was a crazy Australian who forced me into obliging with "fitness" days.

Then I went to college (UCLA!) and dropped soccer like I drop cottage-cheese tubs which explode lumpy cheese all over the floor.  I continued running because I developed an addiction to endorphins, to keep sane through the stress of new responsibilities and independence, and to explore the foreign city of L.A.

check out those running muscles

I ran my first marathon in 2006 as a college senior, just out of curiosity to see if I could.  I glided easily through the Los Angeles Marathon in 3:33:57.

I have since completed about 1 marathon per year.

I used to not care much for racing, preferring to save the money and go on long runs at my own.  But then I started a blog (January 2011), began running with a Garmin, and all of a sudden discovered I could run fast at races and that they were incredibly fun.

My current PR's are 3:05:08 at the California International Marathon (December 4 2011), and 1:26:21 at the Kaiser Half Marathon (February 2013)

Oakland half, 2013

My training plan is usually very simple: run long when I want to, do some form of speed work once a week, and find some hills to climb over. 

In law school, I would sometimes eat 17-20 miles for breakfast.  Now that I'm working more and more hours as an attorney, my long runs are 13 miles if I'm lucky.

I am seeking a sweet, injury free marathon.  I have had injury issues at every marathon I've run (which is why I adore the half-marathon--I have run many of those without any pain).

My first marathon set the precedent: I was knocked to the ground and trampled at the start, so ran the whole thing with a banged up knee.  I really hope to one day run a marathon where my body feels stellar.

And now you know all about me, even the backside
To learn anything else, e-mail me at roserunnerblog@gmail.com


  1. I love your picture captions :)

  2. Awesome! :) My parents are both UCLA alumni ! Great blog girl!

  3. I LOVE and concur completely with your running motto!

  4. I don't know ow I found you, but i did. Awesome story and love the attitude!

  5. I love your training plan! I have been thinking lately about doing the same one. Do you do any in-betweener runs, or is it just long runs 3/4 times a week?

  6. Hooray for another Bay Area Blogger! I'm not a crazy (in a good way) running fool like yourself, so my jaw dropped to the floor reading about your training. Amazing. Looking forward to reading your blog more!

    p.s. I hate San Francisco, too. (Shhh!)

  7. Yes! You have track throwbacks on here!! Love them!!

    You are one talented runner, to complete races with times like that while battling injury. Mental toughness for sure.

  8. Loved this!! I am so excited you commented on my blog yesterday and I was able to find yours. I have tons of family in the Bay Area and actually ran Napa Valley Ragnar in the fall.

    You asked me a question about my 1:22 (aided) half. Aided simply means that it was downhill. I could never run that time on a flat course.

    Anyway I'm excited to follow your blog. :)

  9. Love your blog. I am a fellow lawyer and have a quick non-running related question for you about this whole blogging thing. I am contemplating starting a blog, but I worry about my employer finding it. What are your thoughts on this? How have you dealt with it? It seems like many healthy living / fitness related blogs are written by people who don't work in the corporate world, so I'm very interested in hearing how you approach this issue. Thanks!!

    1. I'm happy to talk about this. The short answer: I encourage you to start your blog, but don't use your full name on it. Clients and current/future employers should not find it unless they happen to read running blogs. I'm also not concerned about whether my readers find the blog unprofessional....because it IS unprofessional. This is me when I "let loose" and blabber.

      Long answer: email me at roserunnerblog@gmail.com, or I might post about it if you want to wait for my lazy butt to write a post.

  10. I just started reading your blog, having come across it while searching for insight regarding the upcoming marathon in Eugene. I appreciate your humor, insight and articulate writing. Good job (with the writing AND the running).

  11. so i just found your blog through your comment on mine and i have to say, you are one studly chick. i have yet to shell out the dough or invest the time to do a full marathon. and i think my running career may be over. but never say never. i also randomly discovered how fun and awesome it was to kick ass in races post-college. too bad i never actually applied myself back in my prime. anyway, cant wait to read more :)

  12. I ran some of the races you ran. CIM last year and Tilden Tough ten. Ended up having a horrible race at CIM. Marathons have been really bad for me, lol.


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