Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Some might say I tend to stir the pot here in blogland.  I'm thorny.  Maybe a loose cannon.  However you view it, this blog contains posts that readers had opinions about.

Disclaimer: in real life, I am a nice and understated person.  I also keep an open mind, so if you disagree, talk to me and I am often persuaded to change my opinion!  Without further ado:


The Return of ShittyBlogger

The time we collectively roasted product-placement on blogs.

The time we all looked back at the hysteria of running blogs in 2012.

The time we all agreed that blogging about "balance" means you probably aren't balanced.

The time I thanked "boys" for reading my blog and then had to thank the "girls" too.

The time I railed on skinnyrunner's Urban Running Blogging Summit

The time I asked, "what the hell is Daily Mile for?"

The time I asked, "what the hell is a Fit Fluential Ambassador?

The time I ungracefully got annoyed that non-runners assume I run only for vanity

The time I called out Oiselle for their questionable contest holding tactics

The time I explained why I hate San Francisco

The time I shared my love for cops and lack of sympathy for Oakland rioters


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